IMPACT - Evidence-based depression care
IMPACT training



To date, nearly 6,000 people have participated in IMPACT training. There are several options for clinicians and organizations who wish to train in the IMPACT model.

Online Training

We offer a 13 module online training program in IMPACT care that is adapted from a three-day in-person training offered in September, 2010. In total, it includes approximately 17 hours of content; however, you can choose to complete as many modules as you like. Viewing the training modules is FREE.

Coaching and Implementation Support

The AIMS Center has worked with over 1,000 organizations and trained more than 6,000 clinicians around the world to implement Collaborative Care. Our implementation partners range from small, rural practices to large, complex health plans in the United States and abroad. Most of our implementations and projects focus on adapting and implementing Collaborative Care in real-world settings. Our work is supported by grants and contracts from federal, state, county, and private funders as well as training and consulting fees paid by implementing clinics. We offer coaching, implementation support, and technology support on a case-by-case basis. See Our Services page on the AIMS Center website.

Training and Workforce Development

We offer a breadth of training and workforce development options to support the implementation of Collaborative Care including in-person training and distance learning courses. Our experienced staff can provide training in core content such as clinical preparedness, team communication, and brief intervention therapies proven to work in primary care. See Our Services page on the AIMS Center website.

PST Training

Problem-Solving Treatment is a type of evidence-based counseling that was part of the IMPACT program in the original study. It is a skill that requires both didactic learning and case-based learning. We offer PST training to organizations only as part of a larger implementation of integrated mental health care. PST is not our specialty and we do not offer PST training and certification on its own.

For more information on PST visit the PST section on the AIMS Center website.

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