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Tracking treatment outcomes and changing treatment based on these outcomes is a key element of the IMPACT model's success. There are many different ways to track patient outcomes and each has its own merits (see Identify a Population Based Tracking System and FAQ's about how and how to track patient populations on the AIMS Center website).


You can track patient treatment outcomes with a paper tracking system. The IMPACT researchers have used this type of system in past and current studies. It has many advantages, including limited set-up cost and ease of use. Examples of these forms are available by clicking on the top button below.

Microsoft Excel® system

Another option for patient tracking is a Microsoft Excel® system. Its advantages include limited upfront investment in programming. This tracking system, along with helpful instructions are available by clicking on the bottom two buttons below.

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Patient tracking spreadshhet
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Web-based systems

The original IMPACT study employed a web-based Clinical Information System (CIS) that assisted care managers with patient monitoring, prompting action when needed. A web-based system requires significant upfront investment in programming and hardware (i.e. web server). However, this may be a worthwhile investment for large and geographically dispersed clinic systems. You can find information about the AIMS Center's Care Management Tracking System on the AIMS Center website.

Microsoft Access® and PDAs

Other studies have developed similar patient treatment outcome tracking systems using Microsoft Access® and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant, like Palm Pilot®). We do not have these to distribute because they were developed by other researchers.

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